He's Back...
I was going to college through Vocational Rehabilitation through the VA. because when I got hurt, I was no longer able to continue my job as a Fire Fighter also, because of my PTSD it is no longer safe for me to be in the work force so, now I cannot work which means I can no longer go to college under that program. I did however get a call from my Vocational Rehab counselor today(I know, on a Sunday?)anyway, she told me about another program called independent living where if your house needs to be adapted they will do it for free or if you have a skill, they will buy you the tools you need. Now, I can build graphite and fiberglass rods but have always wanted to build bamboo rods. I have read many books on the subject and also read just about all the post here and else where on building these rods and if provided with the right tools, I feel I will be able to build moderately priced rods or blanks as a supplemental income. What I would like from you is, if one or two of the builders here on the forum to supply me with an Excel sheet of all the tools necessary to build even specialty tools that you found helpful. My goal is to end up with a comprehensive list and possible prices to present to these people in hope that they will support this endeavor.

Thank you, Scott

Scott Martin