I need to back up a bit here. There was good that came out of this, at least for me.

When I built that rod for him, I posted pics here. One of our members, Uncle Jesse, saw the pics and contacted the Denver Post here in Denver and bragged the rod up. This resulted in them doing a couple of interviews and a full page article in the print version of the paper and video for the online version. This was picked up by AP and many other papers and is what really launched things for me. So, even though I wrote off $30 on that rod, I have made it back many times over thanks to Jesse and other word of mouth. The advertising value alone more than covered that $30.

He tried to bite me a couple of other times, but even though I had forgiven the $30, I did not have to forget what he was trying to do and avoided any damage.

Over the last few days, I have had to keep reminding myself, at times to no avail, that I pray every Sunday that I be forgiven as I forgive others.

Sorry, guys and gals. The cancer has brought out a preacher streak I didn't know was there. It's time to forgive. We do not have to forget and should learn from this, but it's time to forgive.

I'll shut up now.