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    Second Up Date 5/3/20/13: This stream was in between the size of the other two streams previously reported on, with the water running high enough from snow melt run-off that most of the stream was too swift to fish as well as it fishes under lower water conditions. It was clear, sunny and hot, but the water was just a little too cold for comfortable wet wading, which was what I ended up doing anyway. It was also breezy at times buy not as windy as last time. There were still a few snow patches, with the stream being at about 7,000 feet in elevation and with nothing leaved out yet at this altitude.

    Tackle Notes: Because this is a smaller stream and the casts would mostly be short, I fished a 7 foot long line. It was made up of 6 feet of #3 HiVis Orange Sunline, with 4 inches each of 8,6 and 4 Lb. test clear FC line as a transition section, to which was looped on about 4 feet of 6X Orvis Mirage FC tippet material, making the whole line (tippet, fly and all) just a little longer than my Suntech HM 33 Rod is long - 11 feet, which worked out well on this little creek.

    Flies Fished And Their Productivity: I put on a Pink Butt first for the clear sunny weather, although it was a little hard to see that fly because there was so much foam and white water making up the slightly off color creek on this day. This stream supports mostly small stream brown trout that prefer to hold and feed in slower water than rainbows like, with a sprinkling in of an occasional brook trout, who prefer slower water yet than the browns like, so I was primarily targeting the water where seeing the white wing on the Pink Butt would not be a problem anyway, which is the way it turned out not to be. By the time I lost the Pink Butt to a tree I had released 16 trout on it. The temperatures had come up a lot by that time, so I put on a size 12 Two-toned X-rated Ant pattern and finished out the day with it, catching another 28 trout on the ant pattern, 4 of which who turned out to be brook trout.

    Fishing Observations And New HM 33 Rod Conclusions: I left town about 9:30 and the drive takes about 2 hours. I hiked down the creek for about 45 minuets and then fish my way back up to the car, which takes a little less than 3 hours to do most of the time. I lost one fly and ended up releasing 44 total trout. I rose some I didn't hook and hooked more that got off but, all in all, it was a good day of fishing for me. I saw no one after turning off of the main road, making for a most relaxing day of fishing for me. The biggest fish was a brown, which turned out to be between 11 and 12 inches long, but the majority of the fish were in the 9 inch plus and smaller range. The Suntech 33 made these fish fun and challenging to catch. The rod handled this light of a weight line superbly, but also cast the size 12 foam ant pattern with rubber legs quite well even in a light breeze. And although these fish were small they had a lot of current speed to work with, so most of them gave the fight of a bigger fish than they turned out to be in hand. And, of course, there were some smaller fish that were occasionally launched out of the water on the hook set from time to time as well. I really like and enjoy fishing with this Suntech rod, which is going to be my go to rod for all of my Blue Line small stream trout fishing from now on.
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