AlanB, there should be a way for you too record with your camera while streaming the image through your monitor... basically using your monitor as the viewing screen, that way if you are uncertain about a specific angle, you can just look up and see it one your screen, adjust your hands, or material without stressing if your thumb blocked the shot... with practice, you wont even need to redo any steps.... its amazing what a quick glance can do while making a video! if you want, message me your camera type, model and year, ill look up if its possible (being the techno geek i am )

ive been thinking about all the SBS's(?) you guys post.... all the major contributors, (you know who you are) do any of you have copies stashed in a folder on your computer?(or anywhere else for that matter) i would like to make a collaboration, possibly create a book for everyone to enjoy... if any of you do, or are interested, message me... (other than sifting through the board for hours)
i have a book i found online called "the fly tying bible," and its quite handy.... i would love to showcase all of the incredible skill, care, and workmanship you all bring to the table....

as for videos.. i used to watch nothing but... anymore though the SBS are more then enough, i find myself trying to skip ahead when watching videos anymore! that's not to say dont watch any, its fun to watch them "come to life."

thanks guys,

PS- if it wasn't for you guys, i would have given up a long time ago...
you guys are my inspiration, so thanks, seriously