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    I'll take all of the prayers, blessings, etc that any of you send my way! Given my family, friends and the fact that the Good Lord has allowed me to endure my own cancerous trials-- 13+ years beyond the original prognosis --and stay on here on this Earth, I've probably used up more blessings than most. But, I'm always up for more, and until the day that I'm no longer drawing breath, I will do the things that must be done in the only way that I know how-- doing what's right! I have my grandparents teachings to thank for how I was raised. Growing up on their farm was a blessing in itself...

    Be well, my friends, and get out and tighten a line or two for yours truly. I'm still healing up from my "encounter" with the woodlands "booby-trap"-- 10-15 feet of rusty barbed wire strung ankle high and my immediate impact with the ground just beyond it. It won't happen again, not after I found my heavy pair of linesman's cutters... Jerry, aka hairwing530
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