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Art, you will find that the Vinegar is needed after cleaning with dish soap. The vinegar does remove it if added to hot rinse water.
The above link is an article Mr Smith from England did for us several years ago. He is a master at dying hackle and seal.
Even though finding Veniards might be hard and maybe a bit pricey, does work far better than Rit or Kool aid.
I have had very good experience with using Veniards.

Thanks for the link! I am trying to dye quite a bit more material than that system will do in a reasonable amount of time... And that may be the problem. Last time I put skins on the stove I cooked them far too effectively...

Is purple just an easier color to achieve? I got three great skins in one batch last time and had a ton of extra feathers thrown in... And an overnight soak in flowing water showed no loss of color in over 12 hours.

The orange Rit attempt is pathetic...