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Thanks John,

You got the credit as I thought of your flies when thinking of the technique, though I have used it previously with dubbing loops.

The wing is Organza Ribbon Fibres teased out. What I normally throw away from the middle of the ribbon when tying the Ribbon Caddis Pupa.

Now they will sit in a corner of my box until I see a damsel fly this summer.

Aside from grayling, we are remarkably short on amazing dry fly fishing in AK... We get some, but spoiled as we are we tend to discount it. Hitting a damsel hatch "exactly" right up here will possibly be a life-changing event... The intensity of the strike coupled with the sheer abandon the rainbows show is simply amazing. And pike do not pass up the bright blue bugs, either...

Just remembering some better days literally gives me goose bumps!

Funny thing is when people try to count how many fish they caught in a mad rise... and find they cannot do it. And I am adamantly NOT a counter... Cracks me up...