Yesterday, it seemed a bit early in the season to fish ...

... but that is a decision best left to the fishies ...

Had another half dozen pretty much like those two in hand before the last one decided to break the tippet while I was preparing to remove the hook and take the last FEB Salmonfly I had in the fly box back to his trophy room.

A few more fishies were so excited to see the big fly that they jumped completely out of the water to get a better look, and missed it on the way down.

So the fishies thought it was a good decision.

For the "step by step" follow the link to the FOTW article from '09. The only changes in the fly since that article are that I typically tie it on a hopper hook and have gone to Montana Fly Company size small speckled orange centipede legs for all the appendages.

This has been the only Salmonfly pattern I've fished the past five years. On quite a few streams and rivers here in the Intermountain West and Northern Rockies. An acquaintance, to whom I gave a few last year, had the nerve to go catch a couple steelhead on one of them.