Sat down to tie a Lady Caroline variation a little bit ago by Bob Veverka that substitutes copper tinsel for the gold. He calls it the Copper Caroline. I have been converted to a believer in copper the last couple years.

My copper tinsel however has entered a parallel reality somewhere on my tying bench (I assume) so I was forced to improvise. Sulky copper thread in two versions were furled seperately and then I did another with the two together. They made very neat "twist" as the old timers called braided oval tinsel. Using the Nor-Vise furling is an absolute snap.

Because the threads are quite small the furled "twist" is no larger than medium oval tinsel. More pieces can be added in of course to make it as large as desired.

Another thread made up of a stretchy thread and braided strands of copper colored mylar worked up together looked good at first but it is so stretchy it did not look uniform enough once furled.

It just hit me the furled threads could be used in place of diamond braid and the incredible array of Sulky threads could produce an endless number of variations...