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Thread: DYO Braided Loops and Connecting Braided Loops to Fly Lines

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    Default DYO Braided Loops and Connecting Braided Loops to Fly Lines




    Actually the line does not need to go very far up into the braid to be secure. The video shows a sleeve being used but Zap-A-Gap super glue will also work as will tying a 5 or 6 wrap Uni-knot (tied with 8 Lb test tippet material) tied over the braid material on the fly line. These loops can also be glued onto the end of your lillians on your fixed line rods to use the Loop-To-Loop connecthon for mounting your T-Lines to your Tenkara style fishing rods. Forming a loop in the lillian material itself is also a posibility if the lillian is long enough but, there would be a considerable risk of breaking the rod tip in attempting to form the loop out of the lillian material itself.
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