I made this for the new office build and thought you guys might enjoy seeing it. Last week while at my cabin on a fishing trip I was picking up some of the downed trees and limbs that came down over the winter when I noticed a pretty cool looking dried out stump. When I see things like that I get all sorts of thoughts of things to make out of it swimming around in my head so I tossed it in the trunk before we headed back home. I ended up making this out of it. Basic idea of what I did was I made the base out of carved foam and then drylock coated it gray, glued some river rocks and branches, leaves and various things to make it look like a river log jam. Mounted the stump and then varnished and minwax clear urethane coated it. Mounted a 13" Rainbow trout fiberglass repo mount (from bass pro shops) and put a streamer with line in its mouth. Came out pretty cool and fits right in with the new office theme.