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Thread: Flat water...weeds and tenkara

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    Default Flat water...weeds and tenkara

    The majority of the writing about tenkara concerns moving water, that is what it was developed Japan. Over here we have much more flat water, warm or cold. The concept of "line off the water" lends itself to flat water and open pockets in weeds. I can see the use of float tube, kick boat or canoe getting into weedy areas most can't get to or so many may not want to, but if you do - what to use. At the outset it's known you'll hang up...lose some fish but even a 50/50 catch to lose ratio becomes interesting if you hook up with 25-50 fish.

    I'm too new to this to know for sure but what rods, lines and tippets would you arm yourself with going into the fish haven?

    Or, thinking on it a bit more, is it just a foolish notion to think tenkara is useful in a weedy situation?

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