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Thread: Serendipitous Soft Hackle

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    Lightbulb Serendipitous Soft Hackle

    Didn't seem right to have Serendipitous emergers, nymphs, and cripples and not have a soft hackle, so ...

    Started this one out just like the Serendipitous nymph, but finished with a few wraps of partridge instead of the legs and wing case.

    Haven't fished but one soft hackle pattern since I moved to Montana, so that's going on four years. Fished the Serendipitous soft hackle today, using a down and across swing through some colorblind, nearsighted, dumb and starving fishies with some interesting results ...

    ... and ...

    ... and several more pretty much like those guys.

    After fishing an FEB Skwala, the PSC, a Serendipitous emerger and the cripple over about four hours, I was ready to just let a fly swing. May have to start doing that with the soft hackle more often.

    The fish are always right.

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    Interesting new family you have there, John. Guess I have to sit down and really work at making those FEB incorporated tails. Is the key maybe that I'm not using long enough tail material? They just won't stay in place when I start the furling. At least that is my next try.

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