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Thread: Flies Is Us...on a line

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    Default Flies Is Us...on a line

    Well I was just checkin' out my account with the Public Library...they tell me I'm good till 12/31/2092. Cool, I sez to myself. I'm past the senior test in my state and my fishing license has been free. That means the next 79 years is on the Fish and Game.

    The DPL's estimate for my life expectancy would prolly make me the oldest fly fisherman in the country on that date, 145 years old....that would be an honor !

    So I'm asking you guys, I never really thought that far ahead, and I still have some time to think things over. My gear and tackle is already vintage. Do I buy new stuff now or wait? What about flies? My old ones still work. My Norlorfi tippet material is still good enough to pull a tooth and I don't as much as dry out my wading boots as dust them off so they are like new. I haven't got a wading staff yet but if I can't walk do you think I should get one? Ya know my vest has new pockets I discover every time I use it. I don't think I could manage a new one if I had to spend the good part of the morning locating my Twistons. I guess I could redecorate my fly rods to look up to date, maybe some Jungle Cock inlays...I know that will give me a fresh 5 or less more yards casting distance.

    Do you think I'll be fishing for trout? Helps me plan. Or should I be more into the Asian carp thing? I have bought a few used Norwegian sweaters last year on ebay and if need be I could handle moving 20-30 (or whatever) degrees north latitude and follow the cold water species. Geez, I wonder if my library card will still be good up there? I've got way too much to think about............

    Should I be optimistic or pessimistic concerning my future in fly fishing? Where do I go? Be it all as it will.

    PS: better check your Library Card..surprised me!
    "As far down the river as he could see, the trout were rising, making circles on the surface of the water, as though it were starting to rain."- E.H., The Big Two Hearted River

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    Enjoyed your post. It's nice to be optomistic, but one should be careful about being
    'over-optomistic'. ..... LOL.
    The library probably made a mistake. Your expiration date said 12/31/2012.
    Best wishes,
    Tight Lines......
    John } aka: Quill gordon

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