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    Lightbulb May 2013 Swap of the Month

    In deference to bob9 I'm starting the thread early. In deference to Gigmaster I've chosen another historic theme; classic winged bass flies. Dr. James Henshall wrote The Book of the Black Bass in 1881 and revised it several times into the 20th century. It is available as a free PDF download here and other places. See the image, below, for Dr. Henshall's Four Favorite Flies (although there is apparently too many swords in the tail of the Henshall). If you have other sources for classic bass flies feel free to share.

    1.) gmac209 -The Montreal - Received
    2.) Bob9 - The Oriole - Received
    3.) Captain Mortis - Ondawa - Received
    4.) Rick Z - The Butcher - Received
    5.) BillHouk - The Henshall - Received
    6.) Gigmaster - The Bemis - Received
    7.) Sjo - Crystal Bugger
    8.) Icemanxxv - Green Mantel - Received
    9.) Chris - Abbey
    10.) Albasurf - Gagnon
    11.) Branhap - (MIA)
    12.) roadhog - (Withdrawn) - Received
    13.) jwb1977 - Wyanoke

    photo (2).jpg
    The flies in the image are; The Oriole, The Polka, The Oconomowoc, and The Henshall.
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