These are for Jesse, who, on the thread with the nymph video, was asking for a fly that had an abdomen that would wiggle like the nymph in the video.

Now, I can't say that the abdomen on this PT nymph will wiggle, but it surely has a better chance of wiggling than a PT nymph tied in the traditional way.

For a really ugly fly keep on reading / looking. This one was done to create the impression of gills on the abdomen.

Chances are the "gills" will move around some, even if the abdomen doesn't wiggle. ( The rest of the fly was obviously thrown together without much attention to detail and aesthetics. It is one sloppy, ugly mess when you get right down to it. )

The first fly was tied with six PT fibers incorporated in the furled extended body. The standing ends of those fibers were then tied in for the legs as the peacock herl thorax was wrapped, and then the legs were trimmed to length.

The second fly used just three PT fibers for tails incorporated in the furled extended body, which included a piece of ostrich herl to represent the gills. The rest of the stuff on the hook is just so there isn't just a bare hook with a fluffy abdomen with off center tails protruding from it.

There you go, Jesse.