I had not seen that video and it really doesn't show what I had mentioned. That video was edited to the point that almost every cast in the video results in a fish almost immediately. In some of his other videos (probably not in his 'best of...' series) he shows casts that don't yield fish, and some that do after a surprisingly long time in a bank eddy that looks to be not much bigger than a wash basin. How he is able to hold his line in one spot like that (which again isn't really shown in the video Golden linked to) is what first got me interested in his titanium lines.

He does use a hi-vis sighter, but it is very thin (Japanese line size 1.2, equivalent to 4X tippet). I had some at one time and it is so thin that it, too, is hard to see even though it is a fluorescent yellow. On his website, he says that you should endeavor to watch the fly rather than the line. It would help to fish in gin clear water like he does. The waters I fish are all downstream of homeowners who like nice, green lawns, and the fertilizer runoff has caused the water to have quite a bit of algae growth. Seeing a wet fly is impossible.

I may have to try a titanium line again. Jason's post has raised some interest in it, and I have gotten a few questions about it. One of my suppliers does carry it so I may also.