Danny I did in no way mean to imply that you, personally, have any casting problems, and I am sorry that you took what I wrote to be insulting, it was sure not meant to be taken that way from my point of view. What I was trying to communicate was that if one is a fair caster I do not believe a Ti Line would pose much of a threat to anyone's T-rod or rods, especially considering how little effected by wind that line would be. I don't believe a Ti Line would pose much of a threat to first time T-fisher person's equipment. The length of my Western fly fishing experience is similar to yours, and I am not too concerned about who is and who is not a Tenkara expert. You are right about Tenkara fly fishing being in its infancy in the US, so I do not believe there are any true Tenkara experts out there yet. Its your fishing and your rods, so please fish with what ever lines you like and enjoy using. No one here has to take anything I have to say as being particularly important. I just try to put information up on this board that I think other Tenkara anglers might find interesting or useful. One of the things I really like about this board as opposed to others that are out there is that it is not as dogmatic and cult driven as many of the other Tenkara devoted forums are that out there. And to some extent expecting "a return volley of personal, disparaging remarks..." is a kind of self-perpetuating prophesy that may have caused you to see a slight where none was intended, at least not by me, or Jason I believe. I enjoy reading your comments greatly and I believe you add a lot of value to this forum. Please accept my apology if I have rubbed you the wrong way in any of this. I certainly did not intend to do that and I am sorry if I did.