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Thread: Titanium Tenkara Line Review

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    For me, personally, the Ti Line does not have much appeal as a wind line because it does not float. But for anglers who need to get their flies deep in the water, there is no other Tenkara line presently available that will fish a fly as deeply in the water as the Ti Line will. Fishing deep is mostly done by feel anyway and not sight, so the lack of visibility would not be that big of an issue for deep subsurface fishing. As a matter of fact it would be better to replace the HiVis section of the Ti Line with NoVis FC tip section to avoid spooking fish, even though the fish are a lot less wary when presentations are made deep in the water. Since a Ti Line would cut through the wind so well because of its high relative density, super thin diameter and the stiffness of the line, rod safety should not be an overly big concern for a reasonably good Tenkara fly line caster.
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