And here isanother one which I am going to try again this summer for smallmouth. It is theuse of a dodger ahead of my streamers. For those who don't follow rainbow andsalmon fishing in the Great Lakes (as an example), a dodger is a spoon-likeplate linked on the line about 2ft ahead of the bait. The dodger both attractsby its flash and affects the bait by making it move irratically.
Thinking ofthis I devised a 'dodger' using false fingernails, and the most interestingthing is that in the current the streamer moved SIDEWAYS some of the time,rather than up and down which would be usual when applying various tensions. Unfortunately the false fingernails aresomewhat fragile.
In the thread on that topic a few years ago, the use of a button on the leaderwas also mentioned, and a few different sizes might do the trick. Pettitjean has a small plastic cone to slip onthe leader (big end forward) which basically does the same job. One of the bestworm jigs I ever had used this addition 50 years ago.

So a trigger I am going to add this year is a button up the leader, or maybethe plastic fingernails (with a few holes hot-needled into them for threadingthe leader) to give the streamer that manic wobble.