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    Default Strike Triggers for Streamers

    Hi All,

    Karli-Rea's post got me to thinking about strike triggers on steamers...but I didn't what to potentially hijack her post, so decided to start a new one.

    I have read a bit on strike triggers, and know that some folks think that certain features on streamers add to the attactiveness to fish, and help the frequency that fish will actually take the streamer.

    What are some of the features that you think, or have read, help to make streamers work better?

    One feature that I have read helps is the addition of eyes on streamers. I try to put them on my larger streamers, especially the ones I have tried lately, but not necessary on the small ones for crappies and white bass, .... maybe I should try some on the smaller ones too.

    Another feature is the addition of red material in the gill area of streamers. Fish take that as an injury to the small bait fish, making them easier to catch, so they will take them better.

    Finally, this last one is not really an added feature, but rather a total change to pattern color. That being to tie some streamers in white, red, and pink. I have read that when a minnow or other bait fish gets bruised, unlike us, they bruise all over. The head being the darkest part. Thus, I tie some of my streamers entirely in pink, sometimes with red toward the head area, and sometimes with the front part pink, and the tail area white.

    Almost all plug makers have models with a red front half and a white back part, or with a red head and white body. Fisherman buy them because they work. The bruise theory is one of the reasons that has been given to explain the effectiveness of that color pattern.

    At any rate, what are features that you add to try to make your streamers more effective?

    Thanks and regards,

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