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Thread: poppers/flip flops

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    Default poppers/flip flops

    • Attention all popper tyers
    I have acquired a pair of very lightly used women's flip-flops. They are clean and nice. I don't tie poppers, but noticed someone asking for such if I came across them, so if anyone would like them first PM takes them, no charge, I'll even pay the postage !
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    "Tap her light and she'll always be fresh"

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    Your generous offer is appreciated, however I can buy a new pair of flip flops for less than you can mail those to me, they are $1.88 at wallyworld. You can make a cylinder cutter from a piece of metal tubing (as previously stated wrecked auto umbrellas are my favorite) Take a sharp knife and cut a strip the width to match the length of a hopper and cut a long cylinder from the side. You have the making of an hopper that is difficult to destroy. You can use it for a strike indicator while drifting your favorite nymph or soft hackle beneath it. If you don't like the color get out the spray paint and/or permanent markers.
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