I have been looking for a 10' 4wt for several years and just cast four different rods with five different lines each just a while back with my son (a very good caster). We had a Thomas and Thomas, Sage One, Sage Fli (could have been a Flight???), and a TFO.

The most expensive rod, the T&T, with each of the lines was the least-liked...

The favorite line was hands-down the AirFlo Ridge and made more difference than the particular rod in most cases.

The One was the favorite rod... and, in truth, about the first Sage I have really "liked." I would never consider it a good nymph high-sticking rod though as it is much too fast.

The TFO seemed much heavier in the hand.

Balancing a reel to the rod is over-rated in my opinion because very slight shifts in the hand location change the balance. Of course if the reel is simply too heavy your pinky will ride the reel and get "reel" tired of it...

My son was easily casting the entire AirFlo line with the One... That was with running line past the rod tip, too.