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    I'll be tackling (and fishing) the upper Coosawattee, and Cartecay Rivers around the middle of the month. They have some good Class III water, and great smallmouth bass fishing. Just to show you what's available, here I am in my Rio inflatable on Carter's Lake, Ga.

    Set up from the car trunk, to on-the-water is less than 10 minutes, is rated for Class V water, holds 450 pounds, and only weighs 28 pounds, including the carry bag.
    Here is my son, his significant other, and my grandaughter in my Advanced Elements Convertible inflatable, also on Carter's Lake.

    It can easily make 6 knots with little effort, sets up in less than 10 minutes, holds 750 pounds, and only weighs 49 pounds, including the carry bag. It converts easily from a single-seat to a tandem in less than 3 minutes, has complete single and dual splash guards, and can be used with full dual or single spray skirts. It is as fast as all but sea-touring kayaks, and is rated for Class V water (but at 15', it's a bit long, and much too stable for river-running, except for, large slow rivers. Both boats are great fishing and diving platforms.

    (We had PFDs, but had to remove them to reach the cameras and take pictures. My granddaughter never had hers off, and we put ours back on as soon as we were through with the photos. You can see one of the red PFDs sticking up in the 2nd picture. You should never hit the water without wearing an appropriate PFD).
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