40-something pounds sounds about right for a roto-molded yak. Your rack should work.

If you are new to kayaking, I would take the yak out for a spin before loading anything into it, just to get used to how it handles. That way, if you dump it, you won't lose anything but your pride.

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I would say yes for a 40lb yak, are you sure the yak is only 40lbs? Sit in's are usually a few pounds lighter than SOT's, but 40 lbs still sounds "light" for a 9' yak imo. Suggest you veryify the weight, but the OEM crossbars should still hold more with issue.

I would fish out of the yak a few times before "rigging" it out so you can see/determine what you "need" vs what you "what". Still need a good comfortable PFD no matter what, a good paddle, and maybe a rod leash, the usual emergency stuff, and then start surfing the yak fishing forums for tips and ideas. Enjoy.