The drive down was fine; stuck to the Jeff through Twin Bridges so I never had to take it over 50 mph, which was a good cruising speed for all concerned (my wife was driving the lek truck and she kept my backside clear). A little tight through L & C Caverns area but luckily no oncoming traffic to deal with; rest of the drive was a breeze.

Got set up in camp

and met up with Ben, the guy who's running the sage grouse study through Montana Audubon.

Sal, his English Setter, a real sweetheart that I met 2 yrs ago.

We hit one of the leks this morning; best count we had was 18 males/no hens (the guy who manages the campground had been out a few days before and spotted 30/20); Ben attributed the lower numbers to overcast weather. Sorry no pics but our P & S has a decent zoom but nothing that would show more than dun lumps with white spots.

Afterwards, a stroll through town

Back in camp (there in there, but it doesn't open for a few more weeks)

Local color, or black-and-white as the case may be

Scoped out some more spots we're going to work over the next few days

then drove into town to fuel truck and ourselves

a great day in beautiful country.