Not Serendipity, like in that famous fly, but serendipitous as in how things come together sometimes and produce a particular result.

Several days ago I noticed a PMD hatch on my home water. Got me to thinking it was time to tie some flies for that hatch.

A couple days ago I watched an acquaintance present a variety of flies to some fishies actively rising to a PMD emergence - fishing dun patterns to fish taking emergers, and catching nothing.

Yesterday morning I stopped in a local fly shop to pick up some stone brown antron and noticed a copper brown antron which I had not seen before and which just said "buy me." So I did.

Yesterday afternoon I was watching an adult March Brown on the window screen in the kitchen and noticed how much he wiggled his abdomen when he moved.

Recently, I incorporated pheasant tail fibers in a furled extended body March Brown - and while thinking about PMD emergers I thought about Mike Lawson's PMD Half-back Emerger and Ralph Long's LTD flies and Byron's bi-color flies and CDC loop wings and traditional parachutes and 9DH and all that good stuff, and how I might do an FEB PMD emerger with incorporated PT shuck.

So this morning ...

Hopefully I'll get a chance to fish these tomorrow, or at least within the week. If they catch fishies during a PMD emergence, I'll put together a SBS and a FOTW article.

In the meantime, maybe you can do something with the concept and have some fun with it.