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Thread: Serendipitous P. M. D. emergers

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    Unhappy Serendipitous P. M. D. emergers

    Not Serendipity, like in that famous fly, but serendipitous as in how things come together sometimes and produce a particular result.

    Several days ago I noticed a PMD hatch on my home water. Got me to thinking it was time to tie some flies for that hatch.

    A couple days ago I watched an acquaintance present a variety of flies to some fishies actively rising to a PMD emergence - fishing dun patterns to fish taking emergers, and catching nothing.

    Yesterday morning I stopped in a local fly shop to pick up some stone brown antron and noticed a copper brown antron which I had not seen before and which just said "buy me." So I did.

    Yesterday afternoon I was watching an adult March Brown on the window screen in the kitchen and noticed how much he wiggled his abdomen when he moved.

    Recently, I incorporated pheasant tail fibers in a furled extended body March Brown - and while thinking about PMD emergers I thought about Mike Lawson's PMD Half-back Emerger and Ralph Long's LTD flies and Byron's bi-color flies and CDC loop wings and traditional parachutes and 9DH and all that good stuff, and how I might do an FEB PMD emerger with incorporated PT shuck.

    So this morning ...

    Hopefully I'll get a chance to fish these tomorrow, or at least within the week. If they catch fishies during a PMD emergence, I'll put together a SBS and a FOTW article.

    In the meantime, maybe you can do something with the concept and have some fun with it.

    The fish are always right.

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    Nice John! I love how your you incorporate your observations of the world (and its bugs) into your fly patterns.
    What is the purpose of the loop wings? It is just keep the fly just at the water's surface with an air bubble?

    Imagination is more important than knowledge.

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    Nice job John!
    I like all of them.
    What size are they?

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    Thanks for the fly pics. I have been working on the 90DH, but it still looks like a truck that smashed head long
    into a cement wall. When the run-off quiets down some I will be going to N. Idaho and try them out on L. Creek.
    So far my Yellow Sally has been the go-to fly and search pattern. I do use an extra large red butt that hangs
    down under the film that looks like an egg sack. But, hey, it works well in fast water and over the riffles. So if it
    taint broken why fix it !


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    Thumbs up You have an eye for details

    Nice job John. I had to look twice at the final image as the profile tricked my minds eye into thinking it was the real deal.
    Trout don't speak Latin.

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    John, I have a feeling that fish and others will be lining up for a chance to take that fly. Have fun!
    Trout don't speak Latin.

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