A new Live Release Video has been released that will be of interest to anyone fascinated by wild Atlantic salmon, by the rivers in which they live, and especially to those who are anglers of salmon.

ASF has worked with FQSA and the Quebec Government to produce this video which shows best techniques for live release, and is freely available for download.

This video is being celebrated as the first ASF RIVERNOTES of the 2013 season, an ASF blog devoted to updates on salmon river returns, angling and ASF research activities:

The video also has a permanent home on ASF's website where there are links to the FRENCH version of the video, plus a link to a page on Vimeo where a High Definition (720p) version of the video can be downloaded to your computer for sharing with others.

Celebrate wild Atlantic salmon, and the rivers in which they live! Have a look at the LIVE RELEASE VIDEO, and share it with others.