A friend and I are heading up there Mothersday weekend. I've fished the Brule river in Wisconsin quite a few times but never the north shore. My questions are as follows.

We will probably be slinky rig fishing a few spots and indicator others. I understand indicator fishing quite well but the slinky rig fishing I've only done once. and very little at that. I'm wondering what people use for line while slinky rig fishing. I know some folks use mono and some use a shooting line. I don't have a shooting line but I could possibly get one. My other thought is if really the point of the fly line isn't to cast like a fly line but more chuck and duck couldn't I just use any old simple weight forward line. I'm thinking I have a 5 wt line that really isn't that tapered. What if I put that on my slinky rod? Or would straight mono be better (if so what would your recommend?)

Last question. What size tippet should we bring?