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tell us more about what you were fishing. under an indicator it looks like? what fly? what rod? i am guessing a tfo?
I was using a 1/80th oz Springbrook Wunderkind microjig, gold & grizzly color, @ 2' below the indicator. It is a TFO BVK 9' 6wt, Lamson Konic reel, Airflo 40+ line, 0x tapered leader, 13 lb mono tippet. It's overkill for panfish, but I got this rig for a few specific reasons/situations (grass carp, common carp, catfish, white bass, long distance casts into the wind for trout) and I have been fishing it lately to get the feel for the Airflo line. I REALLY like this whole setup...it casts extremely well.