As I am sure you are aware Tenkara fly fishing was developed in Japan for fishing small mountain streams, which is how it is still being practiced there for the most part. Stillwater Tenkara style fly fishing was never in the mix to begin with, and naturally in the process of taking Tenkara fly fishing to new and different types of waters some alterations in tackle, lines and fishing techniques can result in angling successes the sport was never designed to accommodate. Should we Tenkara anglers turn our backs on lakes full of fish just because it is not considered to be true or traditional Tenkara fly fishing? You will have to answer that question for yourself, as you well should. But for me the answer to that question, obviously, is a resounding No! Regardless of how you choose to answer the question I posed, you might want to take a look of what a properly presented fly on a floating Tenkara fly line can do for you:http://www.tenkarausa.com/forum/view...hp?f=11&t=3811