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Thread: My Favorite Soft Hackle Pattern

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe Billingsley View Post
    I'm confused, Byron. Is the LaFontaine dubbing (from The Bookmailer?) your original dubbing and you've changed to something else or have you changed to the La Fontaine dubbing now?
    Sorry for the confusion, Joe. The first posting, was this pattern in a different dubbing, but I lost the photo. This second posting has the dubbing that I originally used on this pattern. This dubbing is what Gary mentions in his video by name: Dazzleaire and I use sort of a pinkish tan color strand. Gary also told me personally to use Dazzleaire for his patterns.
    I, and my buddies have caught more fish on this than any other single pattern. It is usually fished in the traditional down and across and swing method. However, it can also be "dried" by false casting and then fished as an emerged cripple dry.
    Hope that makes sense?

    Interesting thing:
    I sent one of my fishing buddies this photo yesterday. Got this email from him today:

    "That is the number 1 fly that you should be sure and have enough to trade me 2 dozen perfect ones for a lunch and a dinner"

    Perhaps a better version of the fly:
    Although I am out of good peacock!
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