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Thread: The cast - Neil - Apr 08, 2013

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    Default The cast - Neil - Apr 08, 2013

    One of the key components of fly fishing is the cast. The cast is something that separates fly fishing from all the other types of recreational fishing. In fact, it was fly casting that originally attracted me to fly fishing.
    When I was growing up in the early 50's kids started out bait fishing. Spin fishing was unknown, at least when I started fishing the small brooks that ran through the meadows on my parents dairy farm in upstate New York. The top of the line bait fishing equipment for a 7 year old kid was a Shakespeare? Wonder Rod and a level-wind bait casting reel.

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    I agree Neil. Most instructors throw way too much stuff (and that is all it is, stuff the instructor has decided is important) at novices.

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    My students taught me to hear with my eyes, see with my ears and understand with my words to learn how to teach. They knew so much more than I about the path to learning. The more I became their student, the less I needed to be their teacher.
    Capt. Paul Darby Dont wait to be ask, get out and teach.

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