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Thread: What the french is this toast?

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    Default What the french is this toast?

    Sit a guy down at fly tying, and out pops some interesting stuff...

    I need some help with a few.

    Ok, so the woolly is self-explanatory and the softies down below are my continued attempts at matching John Montana's amazing soft hackles...

    The upper-middle and upper-right I need help with. The first one, I was thinking I'd call it the Mad Scientist (badger "hairdo" with a white maribou throat, rabbit tail, black mohair body). The second, maybe the "Sloppy Hopper". (Fox tail, brown mohair body with badger "shell" and rubber legs.)

    On that second one, the legs were an afterthought. Was going to just do two coming off the rear, but thought it looked cool with the shorter up front.

    Do these flies already exist? I'm sure something will eat 'em.
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