This build is quite a bit different from most builds because of the way the angler likes to fish. This rods new owner likes to use small ice rods to spin fish on very small streams rigged with small live bait for wild brookies. So I designed a rod for him that will give him the soft tip of an ice rod with some power in the butt of the rod.

What I did was to take about 20" of a Sage Z Axis blank section I had laying around and cut the end so that it would accept a fiberglass 16" ice rod into the end of it. The result is a 36" overall length rod with a nice soft tip and lots of power in the butt which will toss a small bait a mile. Once fussed together I sanded the whole rod and painted it with a light tan FUSION flexable paint and let it sit for a week before wrapping. I made the grip out of some select grade cork with a pair of slide rings on it, used a small UL guide set and spaced them on my own guide spacing for this rod, wrapped in classic twist red&black with some gold metallic trimming.

Should be one heck of a fun little rod with a 8-10" brookie on the end of the line.