After some questions about how to make a deerhair parachte fly in an earlier posting of me, I've made an small Step by step.
Hopefully is it clear enough how it is tied after reading and watching the following photo's.
(I'll hope that my English is understandable enough for this Step by step)

Tie in thread and make a small ball of your tying thread in order to make it easy to spread the tied in fibres.

Make with dubbing a body.

Stack a bunch of deerhair and measure it to approx. half a shank length.

Tie in the deerhair

Make a tuft of the deerhair that stands right up, and tie in some peacock hearls

Make a thorax with the peacock hearls, and whipfinish your fly.

Make the tuft flat with your index finger

Inject with your dubbingneedle a small drop of bug bond/bug off or other UV hardend liquid

Harden the UV reactive liquid

And Ready!

Success with tying!