The latest issue of the (free) online magazine "Carp Pro" is available. This issue is 100% dedicated to FLYFISHING for carp, with a bunch of great articles by the sport's best-of-the-best aficianados/authors/bloggers/fly tyers. These guys live and breath carp flyfishing. For those interested, I HIGHLY recommend you read this issue. I just discovered this a half-hour ago... only had time to skim a few articles (looked at ALL pics though :laughing7: ). These articles are extremely informative, and cutting-edge....this kind of info is hard won from bucketloads of on-the-water experience. When these guys talk, I listen.

I am not paid by this magazine, but am quite familiar with most of the authors in this issue. Whether you already flyfish for carp, or wonder what its all about...this is important and a great opportunity for learning.