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Thread: There are 41 species of snakes in GA; only 6 are venomous

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    The attitude of the people in Alabama is probably well reflected by the signature line of a local guy on another flyfishing bulleting board, it "There are two kind of snakes, cobras and chicken snakes. If it doesn't have a chicken in its mouth, it's a cobra!" Every since I moved to Georgia people have been telling me the best thing about Alabama is it keep Georgia from being next to Mississippi. 76% of the people in Mississippi agree.
    I did not shed any tears when I moved from Alabama, but I did make one very good friend there who wanted to learn about fly fishing. He put me on the biggest bluegills I have ever caught in my life. However, he was originally from Tennessee, and the bluegills were in Florida.
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    I lived in B'ham for several months back when the earth was young and have traveled over most the state. I love the Shoals area, used to spent 6 or 8 weeks a year up there. Great lake fishing for bass, crappie, beautiful country. Alabama was originally part of the Mississippi territory, I tell Georgian that when Mississippi entered the union the Mississippian insisted Alabama be formed as a buffer between them and the criminals used to settle Georgia. Part of that is true.
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