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I lived in NC for 14 years, originally from Maine. I am not afraid of any snake, but do respect the ones in NC. Snakes in Maine scatter when you are in the area, and for the most part so do the ones in NC. The only aggresive snake I have been in encounter with (what they called) was water moccasins. Small head, fat body, light orange belly, and come after the bream and crappie that you are catching. Cottonmouths (as described to me ) were slender darker backs, white bellies, and obviously white mouths, often called Pilots down there. And they also scattered.
So, I have this question. What were they ? Was it just what THEY called them ?
I don't like moccasins, very hard to kill with your fishing pole, but has been done many times.
Cottonmouths are the only snake I know of correctly referred too as a Mocassin, correctly called a Water Mocassin. They are the only really aggressive snake I am aware of the SE USA. I have had them swim across a lake to the spot where I had been standing and come to my boat at night. If fishing in the SE cottonmouths are justification for owning a stainless steel pistol and shotshells. I have heard one variety of rattlesnake call a rattlesnake pilot, which references say is really a type of copperhead. This photo shows a cottonmouths white mouth.