The water was practically boiling with rising fish on the lower Shoshone this past weekend. Fish would start rising between 10 and noon to midges, and by around 1:00 every afternoon the BWOs would really start coming off and things would get absurd. This video really doesn't do it justice. It was nothing to be standing in one spot and have 30-50 fish rising within casting distance.

Mostly browns and cutts, with a couple of rainbows and whitefish thrown in.

I saw this guy hanging out in a backcurrent sipping midges. A size 24 dry got him. He measured in at 18". Not huge, but the biggest fish of the trip for sure.

This guy had a really unique spotting pattern. They mostly have Yellowstone cutthroat in here, but with all the stocking that's happened over the years... This guy certainly looks like he has some Bonneville or maybe Colorado River cutt in him.