The jig can be any length you want. A shorter jig makes shoprter leaders. Keep the distances from the posts porportional for best results.

My 'jig' is 8 feet long, but I put a hinge in the middle so it would store easier. I get 7-7 1/2 foot leaders from it.

For attaching wire bite tippets for pike, I just 'loop to loop' onto the swivel that comes with the leader. If you don't want the swivel, cut it off and loop to the swivel loop.

For ataching mono, I use a palomar knot to the loop in the leader. Got to be careful cutting these off, but they are very strong. An Albright knot works well too, but I find those a bit of pain to tie on the water. Length of tippet is up to you. I vary it based on what I'm doing-longer for subsurface bass fishing, shorter for topwater or pike fishing. 'Long' for me is four to six feet, shorter is about two. Use what works best for you.

Ten pound mono is WAY too heavy for me to try to furl. Four pound mono gives a leader that tests around 20 pounds. That mono sewing thread works well too...004 breaks for me at about 15 pounds, .005 at just under 20.

For 'indestructable' try furling 10 pound braided 'superline'. I couldn't measure the breaking strength as my scale tops out at 50 pounds (turns out the handle breaks on a barbeque grill well below that...note to self: don't use the wifes grill as the anchor point for leader testing anymore).

I enjoy crafting things, so I like making the furled leaders. If you are as cheap as I am, then it's more fun to make them, and certainly cheaper unless you count your time.

Good Luck!