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    hello everyone,

    with all these threads about production speed, i was wondering.... ive conducted this test myself and have noticed results..

    i read a article a few years back on music, and how it affects your self conscious, it was quite interesting.... it touched on many different bases but one that stood out for some reason, was on music tempo and eating... they did a study having people eat listening to faster paced music, (like death metal) and slower music, (like classical) they found the subjects listening to faster paced music ate much faster then the subjects listening to slower music... and the subjects listening to the slower music ate slower then those not listening to anything at all.... i started wondering how this would relate to other aspects of day to day life, and figured i would give tying a go...

    when im tying for production, i listen to dub step, (a type of bass heavy techno usually recorded at 115bpm) and find myself getting "lost," in my tying. by "lost," i mean fully flowing to a perfect rhythm in a state where i dont even realize im tying anymore, it becomes more of a meditation then production... and found that i can produce twice as many, if not more, consistent flies time and time again.

    when tying for fun, i tried put on "A Perfect Circle," (a band that falls into a softer, slower rock category) it makes great background music, and found find myself wrapping slower, and taking alot longer to make the same pattern consistently. ive noticed i dont have much creativity in creating new patterns as well.

    the flies while listening to either fast, or slow music, turn out the same quality. i have found however, i can concentrate better with dub step is playing, and i feel i am more creative with newer designs....

    i fond this phenomenon of the subconscious fascinating, how can one style cause concentration, and the other cause loss of creativity?

    i understand certain people cant concentrate to the same music, for example, country and i dont mix, for some reason it makes me anxious, almost to the point that i have to leave the room.

    has anyone else noticed, or experienced, music affecting their tying speed/quality?
    lack of creativity?
    or does anyone want to add any findings to this post?

    your buddy,
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