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    Default Worley's Yak Stone SBS

    Kinda like a PMX; since I can't find a recipe, I'm winging it here.

    hook - Tiemco 5212 #10
    thread - Uni 8/0 tan
    butt - 2mm foam red
    feelers - biots tan
    body - tinsel opal
    body hackle - brown
    rib - wire x-small gold
    wing - elk bleached
    indicator - Mcflyfoam cerise
    post hackle - grizzly
    legs - rubber medium
    thorax - Ice Dub golden brown

    Part 1

    mash barb; start thread

    take a 2mm x 2mm strip of foam (original pattern had a dubbed butt; foam floats better), fold it

    lay it on top of the hook (let it extend about 1/2 the hook gap); tie it in & tie it down

    tie in biots on either side of foam

    tie in wire rib and tinsel

    wrap tinsel forward and tie off

    tie in hackle (size down by 2; this is for a #14); wrap hackle to back

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