I have wanted to try something new with furled line since trying out the Sempai Line. Everyone always makes furled leaders tapered. I wondered how a level furled line would work. After meeting Kaboom1 at a couple fly show and talking about lines he made a couple level furls for me to try. I was not sure what to expect so I kept an open mind while trying these out. The first set he sent me I had trouble getting the end of the line and tippet to lay out. But the second set he sent me I had no problem at all.

While test casting they felt good on all my Tenkara Rods. Unfortunately, I broke my Nissin Prosquare before being able to fish these line. I was able to fish these using my TUSA Amago. These lines will make some good warm water tenkara lines. I was able to cast small panfish poppers in size 10 down to size 20 midges with no problems. Also tossed a few of my size 18 mini murdich minnow streamers. They are also highly visible lines. As with most furled lines, wind will effect these lines. They are also just a little harder to hold all the line off the water.

I am sure you could treat these lines with floatant or a sink aid to help achieve the fishing depth you like. With out any treatment, these lines will absorbs some water and sink. Although, they do not absorb a ton of water making casting them a problem. If your looking to try out a new line and can keep an open mind you should consider giving these furled level lines a try.

Mike P.