Really St. Croix rod this is what you have become?
I have fly fished for over 30 years and have been fly tying longer than that. I have had the pleasure to fish most of the gear to hit the market over that time also. I have owned rods costing over $800 and reels costing the same. I have found through the years you do not have to spend a ton to get a great rod and this is one reason I have been fishing St. Croix rods. I even used all St. Croix rods for the fly fishing guide service I owned for years and recommended the same. We used them in our casting lessons and seminars. I have spent thousands of dollars on St. Croix rods over the years and only had one break (my fault) and they replaced it without question for a 20 dollar bill. Now let?s jump to the present. I recently broke my favorite St. Croix rod a 9ft 6wt saltwater Legend Ultra rod. I went to St. Croix?s website and saw that they sell rod tips for 30 bucks shipped so I could replace the broken one I had but they did not have my model on the website so I called and asked about it. They said I could send the whole rod back and for twenty bucks or so would fix it or replace it, great?or so I thought then he asked me what happened to the rod and I answered honestly that I broke it by accident and that it was my fault. He then responds that it would be $75 bucks and they would take care of it and I still had to pay the shipping on it. I then asked about the rod tips for my rod and he said they do not have them on the website yet so just send it back and they can make me a new one. I asked why I can?t just pay you for the tip ($30) and wait for you to send it to me. They can?t do that they said and I asked why and he just said they can?t. Is this my imagination or is this just asinine? If I mail them the rod they can make the tip but if I tell them what rod I have and pay for the tip in full they will not do it.
St. Croix pull your heads out of your ***. You just lost one of your biggest fans. I apologize to all the people that trusted my opinion on what rod to buy over the years. Do not purchase a St. Croix Rod. The customer service sucks and they do not have a no fault warranty like they did years ago when I purchased rods from them.
I plan on selling, giving away or making tomato stakes out of all my remaining St. Croix rods and replacing them with TFO rods. I own several and love them.
If you want a great rod at a great price get a Temple Fork Outfitters (TFO) rod, you can?t go wrong and they have a no fault warranty that is impeccable. The customer service is as good as or better than any.

Thanks for nothing St Croix!