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Thread: Amberjack yellowfin

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    Default Amberjack yellowfin

    Any experience here with that torpedo on fly? Tackle?

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    No, but 18-20 lb jack crevalle, about the same.
    9' 9wt wf10f 200 yds 30# backing yellow foam popper on 3/0 hook
    lots of casting a fly that's a kite and long runs by a fish that never quits
    make sure your reel has good drag
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    Again, No but they catch them in Australia using the same gear as for Yellowtail Kingfish and I have caught a few of those!
    We target structure and channel markers, cast a floating line with a popper or a fast sinking line and a big streamer and strip as fast as possible, once you hook up you have to get the fish away from the structure so you do need good, strong tackle and a reel with a very good drag.
    Hope thats of some help.
    All the best.

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    Thanks guys!!

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