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    since i was raised in a self employed family it has made me want to succeed as a owner myself... ive had 3 companies so far with some success, they are more barter system tools then means of survival anymore. landscaping, (my current profession) computer repair/diagnosis service, and now fly tying, custom rigs, spinners, and lures... hopefully rods soon...

    i have to keep my day job, and trying to balance computer repair, tying, and custom landscape designs proves to be a challenge.... the extra cash is nice, but the lack of sleep, (and days off) makes for a real downer.... for the tying aspect, i try to tie up at least 10 or each fly that is currently on the local waters hatch list, and a few other miscellaneous patterns for my local tackle shop... they are mainly a spin fishing shop that is just starting to grow into fly fishing, so far they have my flies, like 4 different fly lines, a couple leaders and... i think that's it actually.... im really the only fly fisher they know that's a regular... they used to travel pretty far to a tier, when they would get there they wouldn't have any idea what to get, and unfortunately, the tier wasn't helpful at all.... its a pretty random selection.... so they wanted me to take that section over for them, i currently have somewhere around 20 different patterns there, and have gotten multiple custom orders through them... my flies are there on commission, so i dont get anything for them until they sell. total from the shop ive gotten about $40-ish... but have gained about 10 customers that regularly call with orders... the money i make versus the money i've spent proves that for at least now, fly tying will remain a hobby... and i am ecstatic at the fact that anyone actually wanted, used, and caught fish with my flies... hell, that's pay enough. when i do tie for speed, it for my own enjoyment, plus, when im really crunched for time with other work, i know i can produce consistent product in a relatively speedy manner when they request it.

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    if every cast caught a fish, it would be called "catching" not "fishing"

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