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Thread: Help Finding Fish in Kitty Hawk

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    Default Help Finding Fish in Kitty Hawk

    I'll be spending the first week of April in Kitty Hawk and hope to find a fly shop or a guide in the area. I would like to fish the surf but don't know the area. Looked online for a shop/guide but don't see much close.

    Can anyone help with local area info?



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    I have gone to, & fished, Kitty Hawk many times. Look for the first deep hole in the surf (many times mere FEET off the beach). Reading surf is tricky & I don't know enough to tell you how, but a simple hint is to look for breaks in current pattern & "dirty" spots where waves break.
    While he is an inshore guide, Rick Caton http://www.customsoundcharters.com/ is a good friend & honest as the day is long. Call him & if he can't directly help, I would trust his recommendation for a guide. Tell him "Crispy" Flanagan from Ohio sent ya!
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