Overly complicating a perfectly good pattern for no apparent reason or making do with what I have? Burned through all my decent dun CDC and, although there's a bunch of widgeons right around the corner, the residents wouldn't take kindly to a harvest so I figured I'd use up all the shorts I have left until USPS can re-supply. Some folks prefer to double the tying thread over to create a loop; I like working right off the bobbin - saves me time, creates less bulk and I don't need to dig out a twister.
The dubbed underbody? adds some flash (some times it helps, some times it doesn't; I tie them both ways) and maybe 20 seconds to tying time.

hook - Dai Riki 320 #14
thread - Gudebrod 10/0 grey
underbody - Ice Dub peacock/black
body/hackle/legs/whatever - CDC dun
wing - deer hair dun

Part 1

mash barb and tie in thread

dub body; finish up at the hook bend

take the twist out of the thread and split

put the feathers in a clip of some sort and trim the fibers off the stem (only 2 hands and no tripod, so I can't show how I got to this step); slide the clip between the split thread

trap the fibers between the thread strands and release from the clip

spin the bobbin and you have your own home-made HF Hackle

wet fingertips, stroke it back, wrap it forward